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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Knit Design Yahoo Group

For any of y'all who are serious about designing and want to learn a ton, please consider joining the Knit Design Yahoo Group. I've been a member of this group since June and have found it to be an invaluable resource. There are quite a few "big names" on there, and they are all very helpful. Folks on the list also occasionally put out calls for designs and/or test knitters/tech editors. The archives also have a wealth of information for anyone just starting out. You can find the link to join at the top of the resources list in the sidebar.

I also added a new link to the PKDG (Professional Knitwear Designers Guild). They have professional and associate levels and a juried application process. I am assembling my application for the associate level right now and hope to have it submitted before the end of the year. The associate level allows you to ask for a mentor to help you get to the professional level. This link is at the bottom of the resources list (not because they're not important - I was just trying to sort of group things together by type).


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